Install cyanogenmod kindle fire

The hardware on the Kindle Fire Install cyanogenmod kindle fire is pretty sweet. Nice screen, sexy speakers, and a durable-if-forgettable build.

The gigantic BUT, however, comes in the form of Amazon’s custom skin that they slather all over the Kindle Fire series. Thankfully, you don’t have to settle for Amazon’s software — by rooting and flashing a custom ROM, there is Another Way. In this feature, we’re going to be holding your hand and walking you through how to root your Kindle Fire HD, how to purge it of Amazon hell, and then exactly what you need to do to flash a custom ROM. Before you can get started with removing the Amazon bloatware, you’ve got to gain root access to your Kindle.

Download this root tool, these drivers, and this root tool. Pro tip: download them all to the same folder to save you stress later. If the install fails, alternate drivers can be found here, which you’ll need to extract before you install, using WinRAR or similar. Once it’s done, your device will reboot. Your device will reboot, and you’ll have to «press any key to continue» a few times. Once the final reboot is done, you’ll get a success message, and if you look on your device, you’ll notice you have the Superuser app installed safe and sound. TWRP is a ‘recovery’: essentially a tiny bit of software that runs outside the normal OS, allowing you to install a new version of the operating system.